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a Bahá'í, software engineer, and nature lover in Austin, Texas, USA

Worst Defeat Ever

If you know the voice of The Collector from The Simpsons, please invoke it now. Worst defeat ever (in soccer).

In order to exorcise the demon of wounded pride (and wounded knee, literally), I will announce that my soccer team was completely outclassed by a younger, faster, more talented team.

I could run circles around them, when I could breath. But I can’t shoot. When you’re under 30 and the rest of your team is over 40, you become the forward due to that very ability to run around the other team. (Which I seem to be able to do even when the other team is younger than mine and/or in better shape). But it doesn’t matter what you do to get near the net if all you can do is make a lousy kick when you get there.

At least I scored a goal. On a penalty kick. Our only goal of the game. Second time I’ve had the only goal on an easy kick (the other time was not a penalty though, just good passing and movement up to the net, where I took a crisp pass and simply put it behind the goalie). Its been a breakout season for me in this sense: 3 goals in 4 games. I normally have 3 goals in 4 years. But that still doesn’t help.

Not when you lose 18-1.

At least I got some good exercise. And now I feel better about it, thanks for listening =). See, I’m not quite always on about serious world issues!

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