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Performance #4: Consolidate Object Creation from Database

This article is part of the series An Exercise in Performance Tuning in C#.Net.

At this point I did not re-run the profiler but continued investigating memory allocation. Here’s an interesting looking result:

{Image file no longer available}

Calls to Class::FindByID are accumulating up to 13.36% of the memory allocation. And they are occurring in two different methods (Class2::Prep and Class3::reInitialize) that are themselves called by the same method (Class3::runCalculations). Surely I could eliminate one of these?

Turns out that these two calls are basically right next to each other in the code:


if (!this.obj2.NoCalc)

        class2.Prep(ref obj1); `

Obvious strategy change: pass the Class3 instance into Prep() instead of having that function re-query for the correct Class3 values. I just had to add one line above this Prep call: class2.Object2 = obj2;.

Well, this change one wasn’t as dramatic as the last ones: only 2% improvement. However, for some reason there was a great deal of variability in the 10 runs I performed. If I throw out the largest number, which was larger than any times from the version with un-tuned PinCalculation object, then that improvement is 2.6%.

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