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Relaunch of InterfaithNews.Net

This weekend I have relaunched InterfaithNews.Net, with a few interface enhancements and new features — the most important of which is the ability to add comments to select articles. I invite you to stop by to see the new features and articles; read on below for descriptions of the latest articles added this month.

Links to the long defunct InterfaithNews.Net website removed April 2012

The Parliament of the World's Religions Results in Thousands of Commitments to Address Religious Violence and Other Urgent Issues Facing the World

The Parliament of the World's Religions—the oldest modern tradition of international interfaith dialogue—recently convened in Barcelona, Spain. Sadly InterfaithNews.Net was not able to cover the event in person. With over 8,000 souls in attendance, it seems to have been a phenomenal success. But can that success be translated into meaningful activity outside of Barcelona? Many of the participants believe so. Read on for the final press release from the Parliament, highlighting important committments to interfaith work on Religious Violence, External (International) Debt, Water, and Refugees. _Link removed_

Impressions from the Parliament

In our last issue, sent out just prior to the Parliament, we requested personal responses from the attendees. Read on for a collection of the best individual and institutional responses we've received. _Link removed_

College of Preachers' Abrahamic Fellows Confront Religious Violence

The College of Preachers at Washington National Cathedral organized and hosted an unprecedented Abrahamic residency for three scholar-theologians June 14-25. The task assigned to Bishop Krister Stendahl, Rabbi Marc Gopin, and Abdulaziz Sachedina was to plumb the doctrinal, historical, and psychological depths of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to discover sources used to justify religious violence and develop approaches to counteract them. _Link removed_

Hands Across Jordan: Creating a Bridge of Peace Across the Jordan River

Can a group of passionate activists from a small town in California really do anything about the retributions, recrimnations, and violence in the Middle East? An initiative called "Hands Across the Jordan" seeks to find out. Their intention is to build a bridge of peace across the Jordan River, with help from all around the world, to help unite the people of Israel and Jordan in a grassroots effort. Here is their statement. _Link removed_

Importance of Religious Pluralism: a Hindu Perspective

Hinduism may be the world's oldest religion, although it might be more appropriate to call it a collection of religious traditions. In that vein, it may also be the most pluralistic religion on the planet. Taking lessons from his Hindu faith, Jay Lakhani of the Vivekananda Centre in London, UK, shares reflections on the nature of pluralism. _Link removed_

Indigenous Perspectives on the United Religions Initiative

The URI's Sally Mahe writes: "Raul Mamani, one of the leaders of the Indigenous People MCC in Latin America, took an extended trip in October and November 2003 through the Andes to visit with indigenous people - to listen to their ideas and to share ideas about the URI. Attached, please find Raul's warm-hearted and inspiring report of his experiences and conversations." _Link removed_

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