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SSIS: Updating Variables From Resultset Data

Problem: In SSIS, you want to update a variable from a Script Component embedded in a Data Transform task. You get an error message reading “the collection of variables locked for read and write access is not available outside of postexecute”. What’s up?

Solution: Microsoft explains: “The collection of ReadWriteVariables is only available in the PostExecute.” OK, so what now? It turns out that this is really easy. In your script, add a class-level variable. Make sure you instantiate it. In the InputBuffer routine, update the class variable rather than the external package variable. Then override the PostExecute method; in your override you assign the class variable back to the package variable. Example:

Public Class ScriptMain
     Inherits UserComponent

     Dim msg As String = String.Empty

     Public Overrides Sub Input0_ProcessInputRow(ByVal Row As Input0Buffer)

          If msg.Equals(String.Empty) Then

               ' This is the first row, so need to start the message with something
               msg = "The following blah blah blah...."
               msg += Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine
               msg += "Number" + Environment.NewLine
               msg += "------" + Environment.NewLine

          End If

          ' Append new lines with each Row. "MyNumber" is the name of a column in a SQL query resultset
          msg += Row.MyNumber.ToString().PadLeft(8, " "c)
          msg += Environment.NewLine

     End Sub

     Public Overrides Sub PostExecute()

          Variables.ReportMessage = msg.ToString()


     End Sub
End Class

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