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Running FlightNode Locally

In order to run FlightNode locally:

1. Retrieve all Repositories

Make local copies of all the repositories mentioned in the Architecture page. Be sure to configure an upstream remote and follow the workflow described in Git Tutorials Etc.

2. Start the Identity API

Open the FlightNode.Identity solution in Visual Studio 2015. Open the Package Manager Console (menu: Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console).

Download NuGet Packages

The Package Manager Console will have a button for downloading missing packages, if there are any.

Install the Database

Instll is handled using Entity Framework’s Code First Migrations.

In that same Console, change the Default Project to Identity\FlightNode.Identity. Then type in Update-Database - even if this is the initial install. Any time the database schema changes, you’ll need to rerun this command.

Run the Solution

Now, run the solution. The project FlightNode.Identity.App should be the startup project.

3. Start the website

This could be configured for startup in Visual Studio Code, but I like the command line… open git-bash and switch to the FlightNode.Demo workspace directory.

Download NPM Packages

npm install

Run the Project

npm start


grunt serve

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