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Manually Shimming An Application Into the Chocolatey Path

Recently I installed MongoDb using Chocolatey, and was surprised to notice that the executables weren’t placed into the Chocolately path. Chocolatey uses a shimming process to automatically add executes to PATH. This is really quite nice.

I can imagine scenarios where I have command line executables that weren’t installed by Chocotely that I would like to add to my path easily. Or a scenario like this where I want to address something that someone forgot to build into the choco package. Thankfully manually calling the shimgen executable to create a new shim is quite trivial:

c:\ProgramData\chocolatey\tools\shimgen.exe --output=c:\ProgramData\Chocolatey\bin\mongodump.exe --path="..\..\..\Program Files\MongoDb\Server\3.6\bin\mongodump.exe"

The only key thing to notice is the relative path constraint.

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