Stephen A. Fuqua (saf)

a Bahá'í, software engineer, and nature lover in Austin, Texas, USA

Letter to City Council

Letter to the City Council of Austin, Texas, in appreciation for action taken this week in response to both the killings of George Floyd and others at the hands of police, and the heavy-handed tactics employed against peaceful protestors.

13 June 2020

Dear City Council Members,

Thank you for passage this week of measures to limit police use of force and begin re-prioritizing the city budget. I strongly support these actions as meaningful steps toward a future where the intrinsic oneness of humanity is fully reflected in our words, our ordinances, and all of our actions.

Systemic inequities require systemic, systematic, and continuous attention through careful study of patterns, consultation on remedies, thoughtful action, and humble evaluation. Without doubt, these steps move us forward on a path. Naturally, questions arise about what next steps may be taken. Further demilitarization of policing, adoption of national standards for use of force, and appropriate funding for social services that reduce the risk of police encounters and escalation should be in the conversation. And, lest one crisis drive us to forget another, continued review of police handling of domestic abuse and rape cases must remain a priority.

Sincerely, Stephen A. Fuqua

Posted with : Social Discourse, Justice, Inclusion and Anti-Racism