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a Bahá'í, software engineer, and nature lover in Austin, Texas, USA

Baha'is of Grand Prairie Join the Preach-In

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The National Preach-In on Global Warming is coming up - Feb 8 - 10 — and I am excited to say that the Bahá‘ís of Grand Prairie have signed on! This event is a project of Interfaith Power & Light; its purpose is to “help clergy bring attention to this key moral issue [global climate change] of our time”. We may not have clergy in the Bahá‘í Faith, but that need not stop our Spiritual Assemblies from participating.

The Bahá‘í calendar, with 19 months and 19 days (plus 4-5 intercalary days), is punctuated by a Feast at the beginning of every month - more spiritual than physical. The Feast is composed of three parts - devotions, consultation, and fellowship. The month of “Dominion” (Mulk) begins on the 7th of February, but the Bahá‘ís of Grand Prairie are holding our Feast on Friday the 8th.

The devotions will explore the relationships of God, humanity, and nature, including the creation care implied by the term “dominion” in the book of Genesis. Devotions and consultation will be bridged by a brief presentation of the formal position of the international Baha’i community, which is that climate change is occurring and “it is critical that the world act in a unified way to prevent future climate change and to help humanity to adapt to the changes already set in motion.”

During the consultation, the community will be asked to consider sending the “Love Creation” postcards to the President. As well, we will broach the topic of next steps for our community.

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