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FlightNode Beta 2 User Stories

This release candidate nearly wraps up the user management and volunteer work tracking functionality. There are a small few “should have” features that will be added in a future release. So what’s new?

Self Registration

As a Volunteer, I want to register as a site user, so that I can submit data to the project.

Naturally, they can’t take an existing user name, as seen in the following screenshot. All new users will be created under the Reporter role, though of course an admin can give additional privileges.

Registration form

Once the registration is completed, the user receives a friendly message. The user can still see what was previously submitted, but the form is disabled so that the data cannot be re-submitted.

Registration complete

What’s missing? E-mail notifications.

Approve Registrations

As a Project Coordinator, I want to approve volunteer user registrations, so that access to the site’s data collection is strictly limited.

New users cannot immediately login; they must instead be approved by and admin. Administrators have a new option under the Manage menu: Pending Users.

Pending users menu

This link brings the admin to a page displaying all pending users.

Pending users list

Click the checkmark in the first column to select a particular record, or the checkmark at the top of the column to select all records. Click the approve button to allow that user to sign into the system. Once the user is approved, that user will show up in the normal user list.

Normal user list

What’s missing: e-mail alerts. Delete registrations that should not be approved (spam registrants).

My Account

As a Volunteer, I want to maintain my contact information, so that project staff will be able to contact me at need.

In a prior screenshot showing the menus, you can see the new “My Account” link, which is available to all signed-in users. The account form looks familiar. Note that you cannot change your own roles in the system.

My Account

What’s missing? Nothing.

Account Deactivation

As an Project Coordinator, I want to de-activate volunteers who are no longer working with the project, so that they can no longer submit data to the site.


What’s missing: re-activation.

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